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NYT published a book excerpt detailing misconduct allegations against the justice, which he has denied. Trump has come to his defense.
President Donald Trump called on his Justice Department Sunday to "rescue" Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after The New York Times published an excerpt of a new book detailing sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh that he has previously denied. [read more]

Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch deliver for Trump
President Donald Trump's two Supreme Court nominees -- serving their first term together -- did their part this week to showcase their conservative judicial philosophy and deliver on Trump's vow to reshape the judiciary and turn the court to the right. [read more]

Conservatives fought for Kavanaugh. They hope it was worth it
With 20 remaining opinions on the Supreme Court's docket, conservatives will soon learn whether Brett Kavanaugh is the justice they hoped he might be. [read more]

All the times Trump has said he's 'felt badly' for people
CNN's Brooke Baldwin rolls the tape on all the times President Donald Trump says he has "felt badly" for politicians and allies. [read more]

Opinion: Justice Kavanaugh wants us to know he's won
Remember Dr. Christine Blasey Ford? [read more]

Revisit the Ford and Kavanaugh testimonies
Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh delivered dramatic and contradictory testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. [read more]

Attack on Saudi oil field a game-changer
• America has a huge stash of oil. This is why • Reporter: This is a 'startlingly dangerous moment' in Middle East • What the attacks mean for oil prices [read more]

10-year-old girl contracts brain-eating amoeba while swimming

Muslim-American mayor says border agents confiscated his phone at New York airport
A Muslim-American mayor of a New Jersey town says border patrol agents wrongfully detained him and kept his phone when he arrived at JFK International Airport last month after returning from a vacation in Turkey. [read more]

At least 22 people injured in deck collapse at New Jersey beach house
At least 22 people were injured Saturday evening after a deck collapsed at a home in Wildwood, New Jersey, according to representatives for area hospitals. [read more]