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The recommendations aim to keep health care workers and others at work — even if they might have been exposed to the virus
Newsletter | Podcast | Q&A | Tell us about those you've lost [read more]

Changing projections: Experts predict cases are trending down

Tracking the virus: US death toll tops 14,000

More than 1.5 million people infected globally

WHO chief: See his response to Trump's threat
The head of the World Health Organization defended the organization's response to the coronavirus pandemic, at one point directly responding to criticisms leveled by President Donald Trump. [read more]

Early warning: US intel started tracking virus in November
US spy agencies were tracking the rise of the novel coronavirus as early as November, weeks before that information was included in President Donald Trump's daily intelligence briefing, a former US military official told CNN. [read more]

Only one Covid-19 death: See how country did it
Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, New Zealand has identified over 1,200 Covid-19 cases but suffered only one confirmed death. CNN's Ivan Watson investigates New Zealand's strategies to curb the pandemic. [read more]

Podcast: Coronavirus scams to avoid

Trump offers two dangerous falsehoods in a largely straightforward briefing
Over the past few weeks, President Donald Trump's coronavirus briefings have become a daily occurrence at the White House. They've also become regular venues for falsehoods, misleading information, revisionist history and outright lies. [read more]

Birx says drop in US death projection is due to social distancing
One of the top medical officials on the White House coronavirus task force said Wednesday that models projecting the number of US deaths from coronavirus have dropped dramatically in recent days because Americans have drastically changed their behavior. [read more]